Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Hug Fit For A King

Today is National Hug Holiday! I didn't really need to research today to know what to do. It's all about giving a little love out to people in the form of a hug. If you don't know what a hug is, that thought makes me sad to think about.

Today is also King Kamehameha Day! This holiday DID need a lot of research because I've only ever heard that word from people who watch Dragonball Z. Thank goodness that today has very little to do with that. King Kamehameha (who will be called "K" from here on out) was the first king of hawaii. Today is a holiday that they celebrate mainly in hawaii that involves parades, flowers, hula competitions, and quite possibly playing with lots of fire. I'm especially interested in that last part because fire is cool. You can celebrate today by wearing a hawaiian shirt at the very least, and at the very most you can fly to hawaii. Hurry! You still have time!

Thanks for reading!

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