Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being Wrong and Buzzards

Today is Buzzard's Day! This holiday is pretty much exclusive to Ohio, as citizens spend today celebrating the return of the buzzards. Buzzards are apparently also known as turkey vultures, which makes me wonder: Why? Both turkeys and vultures aren't really animals I ever thought about outright celebrating the return of. Aside from thanksgiving or the time I have to decide between a Santa Fe Chicken Wrap or a Turkey Club Sandwich, I rarely think about turkey at all. As for vultures, I've only ever actually seen them in cartoon deserts or The Jungle Book. I thought that maybe it was Ohio's state bird, but I was wrong. Their state bird is the cardinal. I don't understand this holiday, but I suppose if I see a buzzard, I'll give it a smile.

Today is also Everything You Think is Wrong Day! This may seem like a somewhat cruel holiday, and it kind of is. Today is a day spent in the awareness of the fact that some days just do not go right. Well, to be more exact, it's for those days when everything goes wrong. No matter what you think might fix a situation, something will come along and make it worse. We all have had those days, and we all will simply give in to them eventually and watch our day fall apart around us. Don't worry, though. After days like those, the next day always seems so much better.

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