Thursday, February 3, 2011

So the story goes...

I've never actually known a town that had a legend of it's own aside from large scale things such as the Loch Ness and other stories like it. Thanks to Cordova Ice Worm Day, I now know that there is a small town in Alaska called Cordova which has a festival to celebrate their very own legendary... beast? I mean their worms, but legendary beast sounds better than legendary worms. In fact the latter sounds like something you would want to get an immunity shot for. They are the ONLY place that has a celebration dedicated to this rarely seen worm, and they celebrate it right. By that I mean: they celebrate it in ways that I've always pictured a small town with it's own legend should. Games. Not just any games, though! Games that you would only find in a small town, which makes them rare and fun and usually very family friendly. There is the usual parade and exhibits, sure, but something tells me the real hidden fun is in such gems of games as " oyster Shuck-n-Suck, longest beard, best legs, and tastiest smoked salmon, among others". they even have a Miss Ice Worm Pageant! How would you ladies like to hold that title?

Now, unfortunately, I can't travel to alaska and back in day. I may be able to convince my family to do a few friendly competitions, and perhaps make everything I do today a game in my head. That's the best that I can do as of yet, though. Although maybe I could find some way to call someone in Cordova and wish them a happy day.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. A lot of the holiday info can be found here

and I got some here, too

And I just called Cordova. They were very nice and it makes me want to go next year. Its a week-long celebration almost!!!

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