Monday, January 24, 2011

What would you do?

Today is Eskimo Pie Patent Day! A treat certainly worthy of it's own holiday, as it is a mix between both candy and ice cream. It was supposedly the first treat to do such a thing. The most famous eskimo pie (at least to me because of it's catchy jingle) is the Klondike bar, which has had every coating from chocolate to cappuccino. Today is a day to go out and eat some eskimo pies of whatever your flavor preference is, and have a moment to silently thank Christian Nelson for patenting such an awesome thing. He got inspiration from a child in his candy shop who couldn't decide on ice cream or chocolate, and only had enough for one. Luckily his original name (The I-Scream Bar) isn't still what we call it by, although still a very common thing to say. So kudos to you, Christian, oh pioneer of tasty delights!

Thanks for reading!

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