Sunday, January 23, 2011

Write with your feet. More hands for pie.

The first Holiday of January 23rd: National Handwriting Day. This holiday was made by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association to make the public more aware of the significance of handwriting in this increasingly technological age. Celebrate by writing as much as you can by hand (If I had a scanner, this would be in my REAL handwriting and not "Handwriting-Dakota"). Mail people letters by snail mail or just pass notes in class (don't tell anyone I gave that advice). EDIT... I couldn't even get the special font to work! :( 

The next holiday is National Pie Day! As you may know by now, I thoroughly enjoy food related holidays, and this one takes the cake (or pie) (I know you saw that one coming) ) so far. I love pie of any sort. I ate three pizzas and a banana cream pie for lunch, and am getting ready to watch Sweeny Todd, as I can't find any meat pies in stores near me, so that's what I'll settle for. So, yeah... eat pie today.

And to make this the first day with THREE holidays, today is ALSO Measure Your Feet Day. You celebrate by... well... measuring your feet. I did this by going to see what size shoes I wear, as you will soon see in the lovely picture below, my shoes for the past two or three years may indeed be on their last string... literally. So take the time to measure your feet in any way you can manage. And hey, have a great day... or what's left of it. I'm so sorry for this super late update.

Thanks for reading!

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