Friday, January 14, 2011

Never Again

January 14th... is a day that I at first did not like the idea of, but it won me over. National Dress Up Your Pet Day at first would seem like a day that furthers the idea that it is okay to put your pet in a sweater during the winter, or that they need a sun hat in the summer. They don't. However, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that this holiday is okay in my book, as long as it is the ONLY day when this is allowed. Now, I know... I know... they look cute all dress up like us peoples do. Admittedly, yeah it can be pretty cool to see a well-thought out costume for a person an their dog on halloween. The best costumes however, do nothing to the dog! Got a little black yorkie and a brunette girl? One basket later, it's Dorothy and Toto from Wizard of Oz. Got an elderly man and a Jack Russell Terrier? Grab a cane and it's Eddie and Martin from Frasier. Got a yellow lab and a small child? Give the kid a gun and it's Old Yeller.

... That last one was a little dark, but my point stands. They don't need a costume or clothes to be cute or cool. That said, I'm not going to yell at people that I see who DO dress up their pets, I just don't see me ever doing it myself. However, it is the holiday of the day, so to make good on my promise, I have to. I only have an extra shirt from Build-a-Bear to use, though, as the pants do not fit. So here ya go. Business Casual Milo.

Thanks for reading!

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