Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks, Jiminy Cricket.

January 13th is yet another double holiday! Make Your Dream Come True Day was the harder of the two to celebrate, so i began with it. Now it didn't specify as to what kind of dream (night, day, life-long), so I went with the night dream. I ate none of my usual midnight snack oddities so that my dream would be as close to not-crazy and at least partially realistically fulfillable. I dreamt that I was at the mall just wandering around and there was a really expensive jacket that was awesome. I don't really know how to describe it, but just imagine the best material and fit ever. It was pretty cool. I imagine this stemmed from me discussing going to the mall the previous night with some friends, along with my want for a new jacket, and quite possibly my recent viewing of the first two episodes of The Cape. Back to the dream, though, I couldn't afford it and had to go do favours for all the stores to raise money (enter my knowledge of how side-quests in video games work). I woke up before I rose the money. The End.

To make this a reality, I needed to go to the mall. Check. I needed to find a jacket I wanted. Check. I needed to not have enough funds. Check, check, check. All systems go. I went to some stores (Build-a-Bear, Gamestop, Bose, Apple, etc.) and asked if they needed any favours done in exchange for petty cash. No such luck! Although, I DID get a few Godiva truffle samples for free, which was pretty cool of them. But in the end, I did not get the jacket. Not exactly how the dream went, as in the dream I raised at LEAST 1,500 dollars, and that would have been REALLY nice, but alas.

Actually, not 'alas'. It was quite disappointing to not get 1,500 dollars even if I wasn't technically promised any money at all just for trying. Which brings me to the second holiday, Blame Someone Else Day. I would like to thank a certain puppet's pet insect for telling me that "If I wished upon a star" My dreams would come true. I didn't wish upon a star, granted, but that's only because I didn't remember about it until I tried to come up with a kinda witty title for this entry. Also, by the time I woke up, the stars were out of sight. For which I blame the sun! Which, while technically a star, has yet to make it known whether or not it, too has any sort of wish-granting ability. So it's obviously all their fault.

Thanks for reading!

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