Friday, October 21, 2011

Babbwing Bwog

Today is Babbling Day! I originally saw today and thought that it was basically the same as 'rambling', but unfortunately for me (fortunately for you), it isn't. Babbling is the kind of talking that babies do, which some would argue is none at all. They just make coos and gurgles. So, I've devised several ways to celebrate today.

Celebration Method #1

Find a baby (preferably one with parents you have met at least once before), and talk to it. Try to decipher what it's trying to say. This method obviously increases in difficulty as the babies you are talking with get younger. ...Er... the babies shouldn't be getting younger unless you know the Button family. I'll just trust you know what I meant.

Celebration Method #2

You could find your very closet friend and talk to them all day using only noises. They don't have to be loud or obtrusive noises. Most good friends can read so deep into the meaning of even an eye twitch, that making a noise is almost like spelling it out for them.

Celebration Method #3

Talk to everyone as if they were a baby. This could be the riskiest method, as not only would you weird everyone out, you would also offend the vast majority of them. Most people don't take kindly to being talked to in baby-talk. For some reason it makes them feel like their being talk down to? But I'm not. I just tink deir sho precioush twying so hawd to figuwe out deir wittle pwoblwms!

Thanks for reading!

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