Monday, June 13, 2011

Juggling Meals

Today is National Juggling Day! There was National Juggler's Day on April 18th, which was mainly about the actual professionals, I suppose. Today must be about the activity itself. What other possible reason could there be? That's an honest question. I'd like to know why there are two days that are juggling related. I hardly think a normal year even involves me seeing something juggled twice on separate days. Well, whatever the reason, the celebration is simple. Juggle something. Balls, Bricks, Balls made of bricks... whatever works.

Today is also Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day! Ever been to a restaurant and heard a crash in the back or are you the type that stays home and almost sets the house on fire with your own cooking? Well, today is a day to not feel as bad about it. At restaurants, the crowd will usually clap when a waiter drops a stack of dishes. At home, you and your friends be joking about/at your mishaps for about a year, and jokes are always fun!  If you know someone who is horrible at keeping things in one piece in the kitchen, today might be the day to not ridicule them as much and risk them preparing your meal.

I found a video semi-related to both holidays! Huzzah! Warning: This man is NOT a Kitchen Klutz.

Thanks for reading!

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