Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Around The Mulberry Bush

Today is Pop Goes the Weasel Day! This song was quite and is still fairly popular for little kids to sing. It started a long time ago in the mid 1800's as a dance. I can only hope that it wasn't the same kind of dance that children now "dance" to it's tune, as that would be quite embarrassing to think. I say "dance" in quotations for the children because it's really less like they are dancing in a ring or circle, and more like they are putting all their might and weight into forming some kind of amorphous, chin-seeking blob that spins. However, feel free to spend the day humming this song to or around others or surprising them like a real life Jack-in-the-box. (Psst! That's the tune that the Jack-in-the-box plays)

(That's a weasel)
Thanks for reading!

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