Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A-peel-ing Snacks

Today is National Candied Orange Peel Day! You may not know exactly what a candied orange peel is, but if you've had fruitcake, then you've most likely eaten some. It's fairly simple to make some without the fruitcake if you wanted to taste their flavour alone. Just peel strips of the orange peel off, boil them, wash them, boil them again, wash them again, boil some sugar into some water, add the peels, wait a little bit (somewhere under half an hour), take the peels out, let them dry for about an hour, dip 'em in chocolate, put 'em in the fridge, let the chocolate harden, eat 'em. Simple right? Is actually is and can probably be done in just around an hour and a half total. It's almost... TOO easy... I'm gonna go make some for breakfast. Breakfast is always better when it involves sugar. And chocolate. Don't judge me, there's oranges in it, too!

Thanks for reading!

I'm proud of myself for using that title pun on a day that wasn't about bananas, by the way.

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