Sunday, May 29, 2011

Greeking Out

Today is The End Of The Middle Ages Day! Celebrating the day that is considered to be the end of the middle ages by most scholars (May 29th, 1453), today is meant to mark the anniversary of the fall of the Ottoman Empire. There are quite a fews ways to celebrate it. You could go to a renaissance festival, which would have a plethora of ways to have old timey fun. You could celebrate the day by learning more about the time period of the middle ages up to and slightly past its ending. However, a stroke of luck happened today for me. Some of my friends were going to eat at a greek restaurant, and the end of the middle ages is when greek scholars migrated around the known world spreading their knowledge. It is unknown to me if my friends knew that they were celebrating the holiday, and I should have probably brought it up, as I have discussed the holidays with some of them before. It isn't easy to talk when you are eating a delicious gyro sandwich, though. I also tried fried calamari for the first time. How does every blog post turn into something about food? I'm sorry... No I'm not, actually. Food is awesome. Especially greek food.

Thanks for reading!

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