Friday, March 25, 2011

To eat or not to eat

Today is Pecan Day! Today is a day to celebrate the pecan. I have to admit: I rarely ever eat pecans, and when I do, it has never been too delicious. I've just never been a pecan type of guy. Nutty right? (Ha) Well,  there is one kind of pecan that I'm okay with eating a few of, and that would be roasted pecans. When roasted in the right kind of flavor, I may even go so far as to eat 4 or 5 pecans!

Today is also International Waffle Day! A day to celebrate waffles is by far more understandable to me. There are so many ways to make waffles, and even top them after they are baked. Some people don't like waffles and prefer pancakes. In my humble opinion, it's all about the mood you're in. Sure, pancakes absorb a little more, but waffles just seem to have more flavor packed into them. Not to mention waffles don't flop around on your fork when you try to eat them. Speaking of flopping around, you could also spend today celebrating the first definition of waffle: Fail to make up one's mind. I've already started celebrating that way. I can't decide whether or not to celebrate these two holidays together. The waffle would make the pecan taste better, but the pecan would make the waffle taste worse. A predicament for the ages. Or at least today.

Thanks for reading!

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