Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taking Control

Today is I Am In Control Day! It is a day to gain some control back in your life that you may have lost over time. It's easy to feel like you've lost control, especially when things seem to be moving to fast for us to keep up with. Actually... come to think of it, I think we may only say something is "out of control" when we can't or won't own up to our own responsibility in the situation. I've NEVER heard someone say "This is out of control because of me". I most definitely HAVE heard people say "I've got this under control". That's most likely because once something becomes chaotic, we don't want any of the blame for it nor the responsibility for bringing it back to a state of calm. We will, however, take all the credit for something done right without a second thought.

That was a bit of a tangent. Today is a day to get your junk together and start being in control. It's like the scene in an action movie with thousands of bad guys charging towards the hero/heroine, who is frightened by the insurmountable army of zombies/nazis/monsters/aliens. The love interest will say something that causes the hero/heroine to have a flashback to something that a family member/friend once told him/her. When the flashback is over, the hero/heroine will say something witty to the love interest making her/him swoon/say something funny. The hero/heroine then stands up, draws his/her sword/gun and gets back on his/her horse/car/bike/spaceship and charges towards a slow-mo/slideshow fight to the tune of loud techno/operatic orchestra/We Aren't Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister. Roll Credits.

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