Sunday, March 20, 2011

Down on one tentacle

Today is Proposal Day! It is a day to propose. Plain and simple. Maybe your boyfriend of 17 years has been dragging his feet slightly, you could drop a hint or two today. If you are a male and are planning to propose to the point that you have the ring with you at all times and you are just waiting for the perfect moment, then look VERY hard for an opportunity today in the spirit of the holiday. And I mean come on, what are you waiting for an engraved invitation? How many hints must she drop?

It could also just be a day to propose ideas or activities. It's literally as easy as putting the word 'propose' into the sentence. EX: [Before] "Let's go to a tour of a Wisconsin cheese factory" [After] "I propose we take a tour of a Wisconsin cheese factory". One of my favourite kinds of these proposals was the much prolonged (on purpose in a sense) proposal on The Office.

Today is also The Festival of Extraterrestrial Abductions! I know. Kind of a mood-wrecker. These holidays really don't mesh and it's going to kill me when I try to come up with a semi-witty title for this post that deals with both. Anyways, this is or was a festival where people would gather and celebrate(?) the fact that they had either been abducted or really wanted to be abducted. They make tin foil hats and statues and sell all sorts of things that I'm sure you could also find at places like A'Le'Inn. You can celebrate by wondering if the "Supermoon" was actually an alien mother-ship that may have abducted the people who will think they "missed out on seeing it."

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