Saturday, February 5, 2011

When you least expect it.

Disaster Day! Today is a confusing day thanks to no real solid information about it available on the internet. Some sites say that you spend it remembering what disasters have happened during your lifetime, and that seems like something that may be good to do every once in a while, so you can both count your blessings that you survived it and maybe see how you can help others that might not have made it out as well as you. Other sites, however say that it is simply a day that disaster is lurking around every corner, and you must be careful and vigilant to avoid it. This also seems like something good to do, as being more aware never hurt anyone. In fact, you should try to be aware of the danger around you ALL the time, but today may be a free day-pass for excessive paranoia, if thats something you've wanted for a while.

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