Friday, January 28, 2011

Clashing Rattlesnake Kazoos

Today is first and foremost, National Kazoo Day. A day to play the kazoo either in a group, or go for that wicked kazoo solo you've been practicing for all those years. Anyone who can hum has already mastered the kazoo as long as they can also carry a tune.

There are two more days that I couldn't find any solid info on, though. The first being Clash Day. I couldn't find out if it had to do with simply wearing clothes that clashed or whether it had to do with some sort of astrological animal sign clash that I can't even understand. So I'll do my best to just go with the clothing one, seeing as that got more google results.

The second day I can't wrap my head around is Rattlesnake Roundup Day. Am I supposed to go out and literally roundup some rattlesnakes? No, the internet was fairly clear on saying that I wasn't supposed to do that. I did get some results that entailed looking at snakes, playing snake games (whatever that means), reading articles about snakes, and just snake-related activities in general. I suppose I could watch a few snake movies, as there are quite a few of those now. I could also go for an hour or two of playing the classic video game: Snake. They even have a playable version of that on Youtube now, I hear.

Thanks for reading!

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