Saturday, December 31, 2011


Today is Unlucky Day! Wow! What a day to end on. After all the fun and food, the calendar slaps a downer day right in my face as if to say "Haha! Fooled ya! It was all a long rise leading to an anti-climactic anti-celebration"

Or maybe what makes this day unlucky is the fact that it is the last day. All the holidays are over and celebrated, and this is the last day I get to write to all you lovely people and tell you what to do today. I'll miss it. You might. The Internet as a whole... Well that'll pretty much stay the same.

Of course, it doesn't lessen the memories that I've made while visiting museums, trying weird food, and learning about customs from other places around the world. This'll be a year I won't soon forget, if only by the holiday memories' merits alone.

The Unluckiest thing that happened to me, and still IS happening, is that I can't think of something new and fun to keep my mind busy. If I don't find something to keep myself distracted and experiencing new things, I might accidentally do something weird and crazy. Like... write a book. Or something. That's what wild and crazy people do, right? ARGH! The clock is ticking! I have to go think of something fast!

Here's hoping your year was just as filled with fun, and that your next brings even more new things into your life. Have a good one, folks!

Thanks for reading!

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