Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Edition

Today is Newspaper Carrier Day! Now, I may sometimes frown upon the severe advancement of technology, but one thing I do appreciate about it is that I can get my news anywhere. One thing I hate about real newspapers is that they aren't connected. Now, this may be all well and good for sharing the newspaper with friends, or taking out certain sections to read at your own leisure. However, for me (a naturally messy person who wants everything to be neat), a large stack of related, yet unconnected papers is a nightmare. Not to mention that it's thin and tears easily. However, this isn't about newspapers, it's about the carriers. I won't judge the person by the stuff they carry.

These people, if I have anything to say about them, are excellent aims. Well, first I suppose I should explain that when I see "Newspaper Carrier" I think of paperboys (or girls). Which makes me think of the video game Paperboy. If real life is anything like video games, then paperboys (or girls) have a strong arm AND a very precise aim. Sometimes precise enough to launch it into a mailbox from across the street! So, give whoever supplies you with your paper a round of applause today! It'll be easy if you live in a small town, but if not... shoot an email at the Newspaper HQ and let 'em know.

Thanks for reading!

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