Sunday, September 18, 2011

Molding Toys

Today is National Play-Doh Day! I'm sure all the people my age and above, and possibly some below have had Play-Doh at some point in their lives. It was and hopefully still is a major staple 'toy' in a normal childhood. I say 'toy', but Play-Doh is so much more than that. It's... anything. Literally. Well... not literally, but it's very versatile. You can make it into whatever shape you want, and then use a little something called imagination to make it real. Imagination doesn't come with Play-Doh, but Play-Doh can play a great part in activating it. As can any toy with such versatility. Plus, what a great business model. "Hey lets give kids some colored blobs to make into whatever toy they want". Play-Doh is making bank off of that business model. Not that I hold it against them. I mean, it's a great business model. And I love playdoh. I usually made picnic scenes.

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