Saturday, June 18, 2011

Even at the Disco

Today is International Panic Day! I do not know why, but today has been selected as a day for the entire world to panic. The most common form of panic (at least in my cartoon world-based mind) is screaming and running around in circles. I don't recommend we do this however, as I think the entire human race spinning around in circles at the same time would somehow throw off the orbit of the earth, even if it only does so at an infinitesimal rate. I also don't know why June 18th was chosen as the day to put this burden on. Sure, some monks saw crazy stuff happen on the moon, and war was declared between two nations, but that's all behind us! It's obviously more serious than our celebration of Panic Day in March. No, this is international. So find your most foreign friend and panic with them. Believe me, it's easy to find SOMEthing you can panic about. The best thing is, you can panic anywhere.

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