Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crazy Cuckoos.

Today is Cuckoo Warning Day! Today is another summer related day (go figure, right?). It is said by a more than likely small number of people that if you were to hear the cuckoo crow (or whatever cuckoos do), then your summer will be a wet one. I find it odd that birds are always the ones that know more about the weather and the future. Maybe it's because they are higher up and are closer to the weather AND can see further. Either way, a cuckoo's song means rain. Now, usually this would be considered a "bad" thing, but I actually like the rain. However, since I realize I am in the minority on that debate, I will give advice on how to not hear the cuckoo caw.

Avoidance Maneuver: Don't go where cuckoos are. (South of South America/North of North America)

Alternative Maneuver: Wear earplugs all summer long.

Those are your two options.

Thanks for reading!

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