Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Want to Eat a Cornfield.

Today is Eat What You Want Day! Being in college, I can't really say that this isn't what I already do every day. however, for those of you that are at an age where you usually aren't the decider of your meals, take advantage of today! Go to a place where you can be creative. Subway lets you make your own sandwhich, Whataburger lets you make your own burger, Chipotle allows creativity in your burrito, and there are countless ice cream and yogurt stores that let you decide everything to which/how many flavours and which/how many toppings you want. In fact, try to go to as many create-your-own-food places as you can today. I think I'm just going to have cereal, though, because that is quite frankly what I want right now.

Today is also Twilight Zone Day! Possibly one of the best t.v. shows of all time, Twilight Zone is still good and scary today because it uses things that are universal (most of the time). Before I get to into this, let me just say: We are talking about the old, good, classic Twilight Zone, alright? None of that new 2002 now-in-color stuff. The old Twilight Zone had such classics in it's repertoire, that almost every other show worth it's salt has taken aspects of it for parodies or references. I used to watch Twilight Zone with my mother whenever she would find a station playing it, and if there's one thing I learned from it all, it's that there is ALWAYS a Twilight Zone marathon on some channel somewhere. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat cereal while watching the "Time Enough at Last" episode.

Thanks for reading!

It was incredibly hard to come up with a title for this. Why wasn't there a Twilight Zone about food?!?! Anyways I apologize for the lackluster title.

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