Monday, May 9, 2011

Helping Socks

Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day! This is a loss that we can all relate to. Sure, yesterday without socks was fun, but what if they all went missing? Hundreds, possibly even thousands of socks are lost every day. How have we overlooked such a tragic fact for so long? Whether they were lost during a routine load of laundry, a pet has stolen it a way to some unknown place, or a they've simply slipped into another place in time/space, we can no longer simply ignore their plight. Today is a day to remember all of your lost socks. Take some time out of your day to look for them or console the other sock. Who are they to work with now? The socks are still an unfortunately racist community, as two different colors in a pair are still looked down upon. Most socks without their other half are simply half-matched with another brand or even thrown away! Take time today and find out what you can do to fight against lost socks.

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