Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lab Manual

Today is Read Me Day! After three pages of a google search (if you go past three, then you're just getting desperate), I could find just about nothing on this day. However, so few things actually use that phrasing, that I can only assume it to be a day about one thing: Read Me Files. For those of you who haven't ever installed anything on your computer, or maybe just don't look at any files that you have installed, a Read Me file is usually where the file you installed or downloaded is explained. It also might have hints on how to solve technical issues or an access code to a locker containing $1,000,000 in Mexico. So maybe next time you should read it.

Today is also World Laboratory Day! A day to celebrate all the wonderful things that happen in laboratories. Things like science. One of my favourite shows to watch as a child was Dexter's Lab, and due to this show, I now say "Laboratory" like Dexter did. I'd also like to point out that this new show "Dexter" has unrightfully taken it's place. When I say "Dexter" now, people think of murder rather than how annoying it is to have a ditzy blonde sister come into your secret lab and wreck the place. Oh, well. I'm gonna go watch a few episodes in honor of one of the greatest cartoons of my childhood.

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