Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Grate Day For Cheese

Today is National Cheeseball Day! After a quick Google Image search of the word "cheeseball", I have found out that two kinds exists. One that I knew already and thoroughly enjoy whenever possible, and one that I may have seen once in my life. The first being the light, puffed up spheres of cheesy bread with cheesy goodness sprinkled all over them. They are usually bright orange or yellow and commonly come in a big barrel shaped container. Those are addictive and I doubt I know any person who does not love them. I even know some people who hate cheese who will willingly eat them. The other kind of cheeseball seems to be some sort of large ball of cheese (go figure) surrounded with crackers on a tray. I can only assume that it's for parties that I'm obviously too cool to attend (what else can explain my never having seen one?).

If I had the choice between something that I know and love from my past that looks like this:
Or something that may be more healthy but looks like this:
I'm fairly obviously going to go for the barrel of cheeseball puffs. It's not that I judge a book by it's cover. I just judge food by how it looks. ... Alright, admittedly, that was bad taste on my part. There ARE some pretty cool looking cheeseballs that I wouldn't mind trying. They definitely get points for creativity.

Thanks for reading!

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