Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easy As ABC

Today is Kindergarten Day! A day to remember what your very first day at school was like or reminisce about those days when you were "graded" on how well you could color a cat (I got in trouble for coloring it with my gray pencil). It can also be a day to appreciate friends that you have had since that young age. Today was made because Friedrich Froebel, the creator of the very first kindergarten, was born today in the late 1700's. Kindergarten is a German word that translates into "Children's Daycare Center". Kindergarten used to be a half-day (I remember that better than most things) but now it is a whole day. This makes me happy I was in kindergarten back in the day. Not that a full day of coloring, napping, and learning one letter per week would be stressful...

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