Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free pass for a meltdown.

Today is Panic Day! Today you get a free pass to be as run-around-in-circles worried as you need to be. Visiting my old high school, I can tell you that panic is in the air. It may be hard to see, but whether it be juniors stressing over an 'extremely hard' paper, or teachers trying to deal with the stresses that the spring season brings at a k-12 school: Panic is in the air.

Having recently been a substitute to a 1st grade class on a Friday, I can say with certainty that teachers have every right to panic every day they go to work. It is an act of courtesy and dignity that they choose to maintain their composure. Today, however, feel free to let your teacher know that it's okay to freak out. You won't tell their boss that they flipped a chair, or yelled at a student, or even that they plan on spending their free period curled up in the corner rocking their crazy away.

Students, you can take advantage of the Internet knowledge your generation has been gifted, and instead use facebook to let everyone you know (and around 570 people you don't know) just how many reasons you have to panic.

After all the extra panicking you do today, tomorrow should be panic free! Right? ... RIGHT?!

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