Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We! Make! Holes in teeth!

By Wonka, it's Toothache Day! That's right, February 9th is a day to be more aware of your dental hygiene than usual. Brushing, flossing, swishing, and whatever else you do to keep your pearly whites pearly white. It might also be a good day to stay away from all detrimental foods such as: anything with sugar as a main ingredient. Now, I know that can be hard, believe me. I live for sweets. Every tooth I have is a sweet tooth. But I suppose for the sake of keeping those teeth, I can avoid candies and sweets for just a day. If you want to eat the healthier side of tooth-foods, go with cheese. Cheese has some pretty essential ingredients for putting some good minerals into your teeth. Hey, maybe just go visit your dentist for a surprise check-up!

Thanks for reading!

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