Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making a name for myself... after cupcakes.

Today is "Get a Different Name Day", and it's just like what it sounds. A day to simply go by a different moniker than what you have been given at birth. If you've already legally changed your name like Ochocinco did... and then did again, then don't worry because you can still participate. you don't have to go through all that legal mumbo jumbo (and I don't think they'd even bother with it just for a one-day name change). Just pick a name you like and go with it. Try to see how many people you can get to call you by your new name! Make a game out of it! Maybe introduce yourself as something different every day? It's all up to you and your imagination.

Speaking of imagination, today is also Dream Your Sweet Day. There doesn't seem to be very much info online about this day, but from what I saw and already know about dreaming and sweets, today is a day to come up with a new sort of dessert or sweet treat and make it! Or just dream it, if you're cool with leaving it there or maybe don't have the supplies. I went to Target and got some goodies to make my very own culinary creation. They are still cooking in the oven right this very second, so... I can't give you a picture of it now (I still need to decorate them before you see the finished product.) About an hour or two after this initial post, however, I'll put up a nice fancy picture and explanation of what exactly it is. So look forward to that!

Thanks for reading!
~Samuel Rutherford III

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