Monday, February 7, 2011

A Dickens of a Day

It's Charles Dickens Day, everyone! Time to pull out your favourite Dickens book and/or movie and read and/or watch it with friends and/or family. I just so happen to have A Christmas Carol on my phone, so I can read that wherever life takes me today. I also plan on watching A Muppets Christmas Carol because... well that is just a great movie. Be sure to really appreciate how inspired Dickens' books were, and how they have greatly affected generations of readers. If you have a child, maybe today is the day to introduce them to one of the most renowned authors in the world as if you shouldn't have already! These novels are filled to the brim with things that are referenced in every day conversations, and if you haven't read any or at least "school-read" them, then you are probably missing out on quite a few intelligent and expertly placed references. For those of you who aren't as big of a nerd as me, that's like not being "in" on a joke. The difference is: Dickens is not a joke. It's serious fun.

Thanks for reading!

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