Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Magical Fruit

It's Bean Day today and I think you all know what that means, or you at least have a good guess. It's a day to celebrate beans! You may have seen this holiday before on a lot of e-card sites, and it is not uncommon for teachers to have some sort of bean related activity for elementary students today. I looked into the origin of the day, and according to what I found, it is a tradition for some European countries such as Germany to bake a cake to celebrate Epiphany (a much more well-known holiday for obvious reasons). In this cake, they would put a single bean, and whomever got the slice with the bean in it would be king for the day. I've actually had that kind of cake before, although it was not on january 6th and it was not a bean, but instead a little crown. That said, if you feel up to that, it would be a great fun way to celebrate today, but you can also just do what I plan to do and drink coffee made of fresh ground beans, eat chili with beans, and eat jelly beans.

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