Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Snag

Before I get started, here is my old rock from yesterday 

Now that all business is out of the way, I'm afraid I've hit somewhat of a snag in this year-long celebration, as this particular holiday is not celebrated by people of my gender. The holiday I speak of is, of course, Man Watcher's Day. This day is a day for women to go out an just look at men. By definition of this holiday, I can't celebrate it. I almost found it offensive until someone brought up the argument that "Everyday for you guys is girl watching day, so what's the big deal?" While I'd rather not think of myself as the kind of guy to do such things, I won't not admit that I don't not do it every now and then. That said, I can certainly try to help the lady-type celebrators of this holiday by doing my part and maybe just care a little more about my appearance in public on a saturday. That's about all I can think of when it comes to my part in this holiday. Otherwise, have a great day, ladies!

In other news, there is another holiday today that I can celebrate! National Joygerm Day also belongs to January 8th, and it's all about spreading the one germ that is both very infectious and only rarely deadly! Spreading joy is one of the easiest and most fun things to do if you know your audience, and joy is almost always returned to the giver exponentially, so it's a win-win holiday! I know what you're thinking! "Kyle, you already plan on trying to be handsome today for all the lady-type peoples out there, how much more joy could you possibly spread?!" The answer is: a lot more, actually! To the Beatles, happiness was a warm gun, and to Charles Shulz, it was a warm puppy! So I'm gonna go pick up a couple of rescue puppies with my mother today, and the house shall be filled with much joy! Every sentence in this paragraph ended with an exclamation point!

Thanks for reading!

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