Thursday, February 6, 2014

Future Status

Welp. It's been a long gap again. At this point I guess that was to be expected. Or maybe this ever being updated again was the thing that was to be unexpected. Believe it or not, I've been pretty busy... going places. "Hur hur he said the title" ... Yes, but it's true. Traveling in the summer, then suddenly moving to a college by a rushed, but not rash decision. I guess that might need explanation. I knew I would go here, but I didn't think it would be this past year until... about three weeks before move-in day.

But I'm not here to make excuses! I'm here to make dreams come true!

Okay, not really. I'm actually here to look in this book that provided the prompts for my last three posts from last year and see what the next one is. ... Huh... alright. Make some facebook statuses from 2017. Glad I didn't wait four years to do this, otherwise it would be kind of bland.

Well, gee golly, what's happening in 2017? I'll (hopefully) be a year away from graduation. I'll be twenty seven years old. Which makes me kinda feel awful typing those two things in a row. So... probably one status like:

"One more year until I graduate! Then only two years until my mid-life crisis!"

Mainly because I've always been a fan of self-depreciating humor. Also, in the past two or three years, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a narcissist. Some of you are tired of hearing me admit that, probably. But, the fact is, the more I admit it, the easier it is to not be so narcissistic. Which is saying a lot. Because it's also like... super easy for me to think I'm great. In fact...

"Man. I am so great."

... Actually, by then I'll hopefully be a little more over myself, so let's change that to:

"Man, I am so grateful."

Yeah. That sounds like something an older and wiser me would say. ... Or something I guess I would say now, since thinking of it somewhat proves that I already have that capacity. Hmm. Typing in a stream of consciousness style is pretty therapeutic it would seem. I should do this more often. OH! Here's a status I'll hopefully be putting up.

"Hey, check out this new blog post! It's about stuff!"

Haha get it? Because... that would mean... that I actually... kept up with this. *cough cough* ... But, this book has six hundred and thirty eight more prompts after this one, so I should be good for... quite a while. Anyway, let's throw in a few other statuses I'd like to put up.

"I sure do love my job!"
"Almost done writing that book!"
"So pumped they put The Cape back on the air in 2014"
"That moment when you have to use your backup porsche! #embarrassed"
"Kept getting stopped at the mall because people wanted autogra-

Okay, let's stop there. Things were getting a bit too intensely self-indulgent. Also, I just realized that my break is about over and I should probably get back to homework. I'll be back here soon for the next prompt.

Thanks for reading!

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