Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What up, dogs?

... Sorry. I don't talk that way, but I sometimes have to take advantage of how casual this blog can be to remind myself to be less formal. Formality limits opinion.

So: Update: I landed safely yesterday and waited in the airport for around 4 hours (don't worry I ate Burger King and played Flick Home Run) until I met up with a friend, we'll call him Brad, and we got picked up along with two other staffers, we'll call them Joshua and Jasmine.

We arrived on campus, put our stuff in our dorms, and went to the very first orientation meeting/worship/blur-of-memory-because-everything-happened-so-fast. Then I fell asleep.

Next day (Today): Woke up, and had a cold shower which was pretty hard to do, but it sure woke me up. We all headed to the breakfast hall and ate, went to the worship, and tested out some games to have at camp. It was pretty much the bomb. We broke for lunch, and came back for a longer, but informative orientation.

We then broke for about an hour of free time during which I fixed up two computers to work with a very stubborn printer. That may not sound fun to you, but it was to me. Don't judge.

We then went to a lil' place called Mojitos and I got pork tacos which I found a bone in. They said it was a parsley stem, but none of us were buying it. So that was gross, but extremely funny. I got a sandwich after that.

Came back, had worship, celebrated an awesome lady's birthday, we'll call her Karen, and then had an intense and surprisingly hot night-time hide and seek game. Then after I got sweaty I took another cold showed. I loved it that time though.

Alright so: after writing all that, I will mention none of the meal times, free times, or really anything unless something out of the ordinary happened, or it caught my attention for some reason. Like that bone in the taco thing. I just wanted to give you the gist of things for now.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. We wore green shirts today and a lot of people are new here, including me if you count I've never done the American tour. That's why the title is that.

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