Monday, June 18, 2012

For real this time.

Hello, most faithful of readers!

It's been a while since I've done this so I figure the amount of readers has dwindled down to only the most dedicated of web surfers. Or the most bored of Facebook users. Either way welcome back! On to business.

Today I am flying to Louisville where I will start my first day on the Incredibly Awesome 20th Anniversary Lift Summer Tour Staff. I'm pretty sure that's the official name. As you might have been able to deduce: I'm pretty darn pumped about it.

I've been on the AirLift UK Staff for a few times now (and again this year), but I've always wanted to do the whole tour. Well the opportunity presented itself this year and I immediately took it. Of course, when I say 'immediately' I mean that it happened almost literally last minute. Was it stressful for me? Yes. I like planning ahead of time. However, it will be so worth it. I've heard tales of the staff summer tour for so long and I'm super excited to finally be a part of it. I'm looking forward to, in a very particular order, seeing what God does in and through my fellow staffers and the campers, having fun with said people, and the food.

"But, Kyle, why is food last on the list?" - Medium Rare Steak with a baked potato on the side

Don't worry, steak! You are still really good and I love almost all food (That almost is you, seafood), but you are just going to have to deal with being prioritized a little lower! Don't think I won't still see you often, though. Maybe not steaks, but food in general.

This got really off topic! My plane is taking off in about 36 minutes (at least that's what they say now), so I'm getting more excitable every minute. It might not help that my breakfast is haribo gummy bears. Don't get me wrong, they are good. They just aren't as healthy as you might think they sound. I'm actually going to see if I can't find a vending machine around here with sticky buns or something. That's better, right?

I'll be keeping this as updated as possible during this tour, so check back often. Check my twitter or instagram to see things more often, though. 140 characters or a picture takes much less time than this. Especially on a phone. Just search "KyleGoesPlaces"

Until next time,

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