Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Freedom Eggs

Today is National Dessert Day! Finally, a food holiday I can appreciate. I have a major sweet tooth and a high metabolism, which allows me to fully enjoy a good dessert with little to no consequence. That may not last forever, so I plan to take advantage while I can. I know there have been many dessert related holidays in the past, but some have just been TOO specific for me to fully appreciate. Today is vague enough to allow me to choose completely what desserts I will have. So far I've had cookies, a brownie, half a cupcake, strawberry cheesecake jello, a popsicle, and some gummy bears. Gummy bears wouldn't usually be considered a dessert, I realize, but I did eat them right after dinner, so I should at least get half points.

Today is also Be Bald and Free Day! Bald people sure do become the butt of the joke more often than most other hairstyle havers do. In fact, it's debatable whether or not bald IS a hairstyle, or whether you simply are bald (the other option would be a shaved head, which is a hairstyle). Bald people are so commonly made fun of, that it's even in the Bible! Of course, the people doing the fun-making there got attacked by a bear for being so rude. Just goes to show that you shouldn't make fun of baldies. Today is a day for bald people to take pleasure in the fact that they waste no time or money worrying about getting hair cuts, having bad hair days, or spending money on shampoos. Although I hope they still wash their head...

Today is ALSO World Egg Day! The almighty egg has it's very own day today. Make something with egg in it to celebrate! And don't cheap out by saying that most things DO call for egg. Make something egg related. Like an omelette or an egg casserole! Don't be afraid to celebrate Egg Day and Dessert Day together, though. I don't know how you could do all three days at once, though. Unless you're bald... then you're pretty much set.

Thanks for reading!

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