Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hoodie wha?

Today is Hoodie Hoo Day. A holiday I pretty much had to research, for reasons I am hoping are obvious unless I'm just the only one who thinks that those words together or separate make no sense. Today is a day that celebrators of Hoodie Hoo Day will step out of whatever building they are in at noon, brandish their hands above their head, and yell "HOODIE HOO!" in an effort to scare winter away. I'm assuming this holiday was made in the north, because here in the south, there really isn't much need to scare winter away. It comes late and leaves early. However, I will go outside in about 30 minutes or so to take part in what I can only assume is a grand tradition passed down generations of meteorologists. Better do some stretching first if I'm gonna do any real winter scaring.

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