Monday, January 17, 2011

All Dogs go to Heaven

Today is January 17th, and according to sources it is "Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day". I can't lie to you, I had to research this one a LOT to know what it was about. Turns out, it's pretty much what it says. In Los Angeles, California it is a tradition for animal lovers to take their pets to be blessed by several religious officials, and also to 'informally present' their pets to others. There is actually a book explaining it by a certain Diana L. Guerrero, so my advice to those who require an explanation of the day that will do a significant amount more justice to it would be to go read that, as I am still unsure I quite get the entire historical meaning of it all. It does date back fairly far though(1781 according to Diana), but I suppose I may have never heard of it since it seems to be fairly specific to California from what I've read. I've never been further west than Colorado. Learn something new everyday I suppose!

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