Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Trip Begins

Well I flew out with my family today into Florida to visit some relatives to go to Disney and enjoy Christmas with. We got here at the hotel at around noon, and I have been eating chocolate all day with either ginger ale, tea, or Dr. Pepper (which is alway a good diet for vacations). My room, to the untrained eye, would appear to be a closet until you open the door, and it reveals a full room, albeit oddly placed. I like it, though, and as the middle child, have come to expect to get such odd living arrangements, and thusly just claim them before they can even be assigned.

We just finished playing poker (using pretzels for chips), and I was the second one out, but not too sad about it, as we were all getting a little tired of playing. Anyway, everyone is winding down and either watching t.v. or heading to the pool. I have no suit for swimming in, and I don't really want to watch T.V. on a vacation. Feel free to head over to my youtube (username kylegoesplaces) and see a match of poker that my dad, brother, and I played. Until then, I will see you next week with all the details of the vacation in full.

Thanks for reading!

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