Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thar she blows!

Yesterday was National Pastry Day, but my internet didn't want you to know until today. I celebrated at my work, and I'm sure that most of you celebrated without even knowing it. It was a workday AND a friday, after all.

Today is The Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales! This holiday requires a little more explanation than most, unless you live in Alaska. Your chances of knowing what it is would raise slightly if that is the case.  Inuits in Northern Alaska hunt whales in order to fill a large portion of their diet, since there isn't really any fruit or vegetation that's readily available. From mid-spring to early summer, they hunt bowhead whales, and hold a day-long celebration-feast for the whales captured. They have a tradition in November that has more or less become their thanksgiving since the introduction of the christian era. They have another feast with parts of the whale that were saved, along with different birds and what ever else the community has to offer. The last celebration is right around christmas time (today). This is a day that they pay homage to all animals, give prayer, dance, and feast. This celebration lasts up to an entire week! Count me in! I just don't have any whale meat to eat or offer. I can bring hot chocolate, though!

Thanks for reading!

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