Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soup and Gloves

Today is Gazpacho Day! Gazpacho is a really delicious tomato soup that originates from Portuguese culture. It's tomato-based, and has garlic, onion, and whatever herbs and spices the chef deems tasty enough for their specific style of gazpacho. It's a cold soup, and usually more of a summer thing, but it still tastes good! Although eating cold soup in the winter wasn't too fun. At least it was fairly easy to find.

Today is also Mitten Tree Day! I found quite a few explanations about what today could be, but most of them have to do with either a story about mittens, putting mittens on a tree, or giving to the less fortunate. I decided to wear mittens and go give something to the bell-ringers outside of the mall (which is where I went to get Gazpacho... or tried to anyway... that trek took an hour or so of map-searching.

Thanks for watching!

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