Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa's Descendant

Today is Roots Day! A day to rediscover your roots, today is dedicated to... er... what I just said...

My grandmother recently told me that I was related to Father Christmas, so I thought this would be a great thing to look up, seeing as 'tis the season. For... looking up dead relatives...

I, like you, assumed that I was related to Santa, and would therefore someday take on the famous red mantle along with a few hundred pounds and start give the more preferable children some rewarding gifts that would more than likely be video game related. Because that's the kind of santa I am. The bad kids would get books. Not because I dislike books, I actually love them. I'd give them to the bad kids, because I think a good book could improve character.

WOW RABBIT TRAIL! Short story shorter, I eventually found out that "Father Christmas" was just Father Christmas. An Irish Priest with a VERY misleading name. Weird thing is: I can't even find THAT Father Christmas online anymore... maybe... someone is hiding my family history from me? Which can only mean one thing...

Well, I'm off to go on an Indiana-Jonesian adventure, I guess. Be back tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

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