Sunday, November 27, 2011

Point Made

Today is Pins and Needles Day! I bet you were on pins and needles wondering if I was going to update today. That was totally part of my plan and it definitely isn't because I got super distracted by random things. HISTORY TIME!

Pins and Needles Day is a holiday originally meant to celebrate the opening date of the late 1930's Broadway show Pins and Needles. It was a show written in and about the Pro-Labor movement, which you know all about from history because you were a good student and payed attention. It was written by good ol' Harold Rome* and performed by the members of the I.L.G.W.U. (International Ladies Garment Workers Union). It had 1,108 performances! That's more than a lot of other ones, but not so much anymore. It held the record for a while, though! Plus, it got a holiday named after it, so... I mean that's cool.

Today, however, people mostly celebrate today by either being on pins and needles or putting others on them. Not literally, I would hope, but... y'know. Fictionally... I guess.

Being on pins and needles is usually fun. It's the kind of stressed that gets you moving or excited without feeling anything like stress. Putting people on pins and needles is even MORE fun because it's fun to see them get excited. Doing it to someone is also one of the easiest things in the world to do, too! Wanna know how? Tune in tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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