Monday, October 3, 2011

H$(aAppppie Viiiii [F4T4L 3RR0R}

Today is Virus Appreciation Day! Whether we are talking about human or computer sickness is a little bit sketchy, but either way it's the perfect day to celebrate them. Well... maybe not celebrate... but "appreciate". Viruses are a very bad thing to have as a person, as it could shorten or even end your life. Computer viruses are less of a threat, since at best, they'll just make your social life slightly more difficult. Very, very slightly. Be especially aware of viruses like the flu, since it's in season now and it's starting to catch on. As for the computers... just get some virus protection... or just don't go to sketchy websites. Actually, don't go on the internet at all. Problem solved. Unless you have a hacker friend who likes pranking you. Then the only course of action is to learn some coding skills and retaliate.

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