Friday, October 7, 2011

A Frappe for Frappe's Sake.

Today is National Frappe Day! Did you know that frappes used to be ice cream drinks? No, really, it's true. REALLY! Well, fine. The starbucks addicts may not believe me, but the rest of you can. It wasn't until fairly recently that the popular flavors of frappes even involved coffee at all. Some places still stick to ice cream, and if you wanted to be historically accurate, that would be the kind to get today. If not, then get any frappe from starbucks. Go right on ahead. They're pretty much all good. I think I'm actually going to make my own today, though. No, not at work where all the supplies are so readily waiting to be mixed. I'm going to try to look up a few recipes and make my own cool recipe. If it's good, then I may post how I made it and you can try it yourself. If it isn't good, then we won't ever speak of it again. Deal? Deal.

Thanks for reading!

After minutes upon minutes of finding a recipe online and changing it according to what I had at home, I've made a frappe!


Pay no attention to the nasty looking, used mixing supplies. The cup is what counts. Er... more accurately: what's in the cup. Delicious pumpkin pie goodness. Holiday: Successfully celebrated.

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