Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today is...
A day dedicated to the coolness that is one of the most prominent forms of storytelling? Count me in! Comic books are so varied, that there is at least one series that everyone can claim they have enjoyed reading. Although some of them might refer to their comics as "graphic novels" for reasons I still don't completely understand.

Take some time out of your day to remember which ones you read when you were a child, and the ones you still read now. I remember making my own comics with my friends in elementary school. Of course I couldn't draw then (not that I'm amazing at it now (see above picture)), so I used the easiest style of character I could. So the video game character Kirby was the star of most of my comics.

So spend some time today reading, talking about, making, or even just reminiscing about comics. I hear some comic stores give out free comics today, though. I'll be looking into that.

Thanks for reading!

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